A taste of precious Swissness

Imagine how a gem might taste… as a chocolate… its color, its consistency, its texture… With our pralines we endeavour to capture the palpable essence of gems! In addition to the four perfumes and scented candles, we conceptualized four chocolates to satisfy our sense of taste.

The Gem Chocolates are handmade by a traditional chocolate house in Zurich and we are sure you will enthuse over the four very different and very unique flavors captured here.

Each chocolate is representative of a chosen gem and offers a uniquely different experience. The Gem Chocolates are not only a delightful dessert but also a perfect idea for a very special and delicious gift.

To capture this pleasurable chocolate experience, the same gems have been chosen as with the perfumes and scented candles, except for Adamas, which we replaced with red Spinel.

While keeping taste intensity of these different flavors in mind, it is recommended that these Gem Chocolates are best enjoyed in the following order:


– calm strength

The soft flavour of matcha combined with jasmine and cedar notes surround the roasted almond in this praline.

Imperial Topaz

– floral warmth

delicious honey, frankincense, orange and elderflower enhance the gentleness and warmth of this caramel praline centre.

Paraiba Tourmaline

– cool splash

a shocking crisp yet delightful splash of vodka, absinthe, peppermint and lime are the components of this praline bursting with liquid alcohol.

Red Spinel

– hot passion

soft layers of nougat are spiked with spicy chili and fiery szechuan pepper. Star anise, sesame and fleur de sel complement this hot praline.