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Gem Dance Collection – Tanzanite

The day of the second release of the popular Gem Dance Ballet has finally come!

Perfection is the basic precondition of all, the dancer, musicians and gems. This shall constitute the background for this Gem Dance Collection – Tanzanite: deep blue water in different lights.

We are very honored to be able to again work with the internationally acclaimed dancers and choreographers Oleksandr and Sergiy Kirichenko. Four perfect musical instruments are brought to shine by Maja Weber, Xiaoming Wang, Sebastian Bohren and Lech Antonio Uszynski, who form the renowned Stradivari Quartett. Their musical talent and enthusiasm vibrate through their Stradivaris. The flow of the water is awoken by Alexey Botvinov’s mastering of the grand piano.

Together, they excel in their search to visualize space through dance and elevate music to the next level. This touching intensity, refinedness and expressiveness result in pure emotion and visual sensation.

Photo Gallery Gem Dance Collection Tanzanite