Gems and jewels of the heart

My love of stones and my fascination for them was sparked at a young age by a rock which was found in the mountains. On the outside it looked like a plain grey rock. Cracked open, the now visible sparkles and shimmer left me mesmerized. The quest to discover what is within a stone was born. Still today I wonder what worlds are hidden inside these rocks waiting to be explored.


What sparked my philosophy of gems and jewels with all five senses is my wish to create a more profound understanding of a gem.

Experiencing gemstones with all five senses enables a deeper comprehension of a stone’s character, personality and essence. Different ways of connecting with a stone creates a more meaningful and personal bond.

Some gems and especially cabochons look like mouthwatering succulent candy. Imagine how a gem would taste if one could eat it. Gem Chocolates capture the palpable essence of gems, cleverly combining delicious chocolate, exquisite ingredients with complementing spices.

How are different sounds reflecting different gems? Imagine the sounds of a violin, cello and harp, then let’s add a piano and a trombone. If they would all play the same piece of music the impressions, just by virtue of the instrument’s materials and characteristics, would evoke different sensations.

The same with gems. Tourmaline crystals with their tubular structure remind me of a bundle of raw spaghetti and I often get the feeling that they are strong stones. Such a different impression to the sublimely elegant Spinels with their stunning transparency and shine.

If we add different color nuances, we experience even more diverse sensations, such as the difference between enjoying apples and pears versus various types of apples.

The same with the sense of smell. How would a gem smell if it would have a fragrance?

The sophisticated elegance of the Imperial Topaz evokes such a different sensation compared to the vibrant and aquatic Paraiba Tourmaline. How varying scents can smell on paper versus on one’s skin, let alone on many various skin types.

The same with gems. Some gems and jewels look fabulous in a display, yet sometimes “don’t do anything for a person when worn”. It seems as if the stones are sleeping. Whereas, with another person, the gems seem to be fully present and lighting up the wearer.


Is there a sixth sense? To me personally, what is essential in stones is not only visible with the eyes but also felt with the heart!

In embryos the first organ developing is the heart. Our heart has a physical function, pumping blood through our body and keeping us alive, but there are so many more levels to the heart. We feel with the heart. The heart is a symbol of love. Love! And much more.

I feel it is similar with gemstones, they have an absolutely gorgeous physical presence. Chemical structures, impurities and trace elements cause an array of colors, hues, tones and saturations.

From a scientific aspect the spectral colors have certain respective wavelengths. I feel it is the same with colored stones, where slight color nuances create different resonances with certain gems.

In my opinion similar colors from different crystal structures also have a different resonance.

Gems are a very personal experience. How does a gem reflect our personality? Our different life phases and stages? Can gems enhance different facets in a personality? Gems are so diverse.

Where I blossom is in matching a gem to a person. When the person and their matching gem meet, it is so beautiful to experience. It seems as if they blossom too. I would love to invite you for your personal gem experience!