Let the gems shine! Welcome to our world of radiant gems and mesmerizing jewelry. At Doris Hangartner AG we invite you to experience the essence of the gems with all five senses. We feel every sensation enables a deeper comprehension a stone’s character.

Our philosophy is to match the individual and his or her affinity with a particular stone. There’s the perfect harmony, a piece that’s completely in tune with your personality, with your presence.


What is a Doris Hangartner gem?

Doris Hangartner gems display a harmonious combination of color, cut, size and provenance, adding to their inherent value. Also they have an emotional resonance, as each stone is selected personally and individually.

Doris Hangartner Gems are captivating and evoque an emotional resonance.

They are individually selected by Doris Hangartner herself, based on their combination of color, cut, size and provenance.

Doris Hangartner believes that women who wear her stones should feel: beautiful, magical, strong, feminine, sensual and precious. Doris Hangartner’s deep love and appreciation for the gems are passed on with every piece and shine through. The designs of the jewelry enhance a woman’s beauty and feminine strength and can easily be integrated into practical daily life.

Doris Hangartner connects people with the beauty of nature and matches them with the right gem. Her goal is to let the gems shine. The people wearing them, automatically do too. And that is when the magic happens.

Doris Hangartner AG is a Swiss-based company specializing in sourcing rare and beautiful colored gemstones and in creating bespoke pieces of fine jewelry.

The Doris Hangartner brand expresses a lifestyle of authenticity, beauty and joy.


Every gem is a gift of nature. As a trained gemologist, with a passion and expertise for gems and jewelry built over 20 years, Doris Hangartner is able to spot gems that possess inherent value. She looks for gems with strong fundamentals like cut color and size. Then she assesses other factors that affect their long-term worth: rarity, enhancements, treatments, fashion, geopolitical factors, availability, and overall harmony.


As gems brighten our lives, the Anouk Foundation brightens lives with their beautiful colors and paintings. The Anouk Foundation is dedicated to creating a soothing environment for children and adults in hospitals, special need institutions and nursing homes. Doris Hangartner is proud to support this worthy cause.

For more information visit their website at www.anouk.org